3 Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing

According to Mordor Intelligence, the cabinet industry will be worth $160 billion by 2025. This fact emphasizes the importance homeowners everywhere place on attractive cabinets, and there’s no need to install new cabinets to give your home new life — cabinet painting or refinishing may be just the thing your home needs. Refinishing your cabinets comes with some great perks. Here are three benefits you can realize with professional cabinet refinishing.

1. Added Value

Cabinetry plays an important role in the value of your home. Cabinets that show visible signs of wear can devalue your home, but newly refinished cabinets increase your home’s value. According to Angi, you can expect a 65 to 5% return on your investment with cabinet refinishing.

In addition to monetary value, cabinet refinishing also provides emotional value. Freshly refinished cabinets will help to elevate the overall mood of the room they’re in and give you a greater sense of pride in your home.

2. Custom Look

One of the many benefits of cabinet refinishing is that you can choose the specific look you want for your cabinets. If you want to change the style of a room, now is the perfect time to do so.

Hiring a professional for cabinet painting and refinishing services can transform the look of your cabinets to match your aesthetic vision for your home. You can choose custom colors for your kitchen, bath, bedroom, or basement cabinets. A reliable cabinet refinishing company will only use the highest quality materials, so you can be sure that your cabinets will look stunning no matter what color or style you choose for them.

3. Restores Your Cabinets

If your cabinets have begun to show their age, let professional cabinet refinishers restore them to their former glory. Homeowners who choose to refinish with professional cabinet painting find that this change brings new life to their cabinets. Professional services remove stains, scratches, and other marks before applying the new coating.

The refinishing process takes your cabinets down to the base material and removes years of wear and tear. It’s completed by adding new hardware of your choice, leaving you with completely restored, highly functional cabinetry that looks amazing.

If you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of cabinet refinishing, you’ll need a reliable refinishing company to take care of the job. Contact Artistic Cabinet Finishes today to get started on transforming your cabinets. Our industry experience, premium materials, and high-quality service are sure to leave you satisfied.