3 Questions to Ask a Kitchen Cabinet Company

When your kitchen cabinets need a refresh, you have a few options. Some are fairly basic, like painting the cabinets a new color. Others are intense, like replacing all your cabinets entirely. Then there’s the middle ground of refinishing, where you keep your cabinets, but they’re totally redone, from sanding, to painting, to staining. Kitchen cabinets are among the first things you see when you look into your kitchen, meaning that the condition of the cabinets sets the tone for your time there. With influence like that, it’s no wonder more people are looking at kitchen cabinet restoration and refinishing instead of an unreliable paint job. When you start contacting refinishers, make sure you ask these questions.

1. Are All Doors Refinished at Once?

Will the refinishing company go section by section or simply remove all the doors at once and work on all of them simultaneously? Going section by section would leave some cabinets completely usable and leave them looking like normal cabinets. However, that would also extend the time that it takes to complete the project. Removing them all at once could make all your cabinets unusable for the duration of the project, but everything would be back in place much sooner. Be sure to ask what process will be used to you know what you’ll be working with.

2. Will This Make the Entire Kitchen Off-Limits?

You may wonder why removing the cabinet doors would make the cabinets themselves unusable. That’s because refinishing is done not only on the doors but on the body of the cabinet itself. Dust can also get into those cabinets that are no longer protected by doors, making your dishes look terrible and making them require cleaning before use. Unfortunately, this can also make your whole kitchen unusable if the refinishing is done onsite, as opposed to having the cabinet doors taken to a factory. Keep in mind that this is not always the case, and most of your kitchen could remain usable during kitchen cabinet restoration.

3. How Long Should the Process Take?

The timing of the project will vary based on several factors, but the contractors should be able to give you an estimated time of completion. Kitchen cabinet restoration and refinishing shouldn’t take very long overall; you’re not looking at months of work. In fact, a smaller kitchen with only a few cabinets would most likely require less than a week to complete. Bigger kitchens will need more time, of course.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the market for kitchen cabinets is expected to grow by 6% by the year 2025. With this influence on the appearance and importance of cabinetry, it’s no wonder you would want to keep up! Kitchen cabinet restoration makes your old cabinets look shiny and new without the construction that goes into installing an entire bank of cabinets. Contact Artistic Cabinet Finishes now to get started on making your kitchen look like it’s been totally redone.