5 Reasons to Repaint Your Cabinets This Year

Have you ever taken a close look at your kitchen and what comprises the room? Many people don’t realize just how much visual space cabinets take up. If your cabinets are looking a bit worse for wear, repainting them is an effective solution. According to Spruce, opting for refinishing rather than cabinet replacement can save homeowners between 30% and 50% overall. You might be surprised by just how effective repainting is as an effective way to upgrade your cabinets. There are now paints that are specially designed just for this task, making the results even more impressive. Finding a reliable and local cabinet painting service is a great way to give your kitchen a new look without having to replace all of your cabinets.

1. Your Kitchen Will Look Better

Your local cabinet painting service can help you choose the right paint to achieve the new look you want your cabinets to have. Cabinets take up a lot of real estate in your kitchen, and it only makes sense to have them look as good as possible. If you have custom cabinets that you love but just need a bit of a refresh, cabinet painting is the way to go. You’ll love the new look they acquire, and you’ll still have the cabinets you love. Replacing the hardware on the cabinets will give them an even more updated and fresh look, too. It’s a perfect way to update your kitchen!

Think about the difference white cabinets will make if your current cabinet look is dark, stained wood. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to paint choices. White is always a popular color, but you don’t need to feel limited in any way. Dark paints are perfect when you have a lot of cabinets, with more subtle colors perfect for kitchens where the cabinets are a main focal point. Another popular trend is to paint the uppers and lowers a different color. You can anchor the space with dark cabinets down below and create a light, airy feeling by painting your uppers with a bright and light color.

2. You’ll Give Your Resale Value a Boost

In today’s current real estate market, there’s a lot of competition for buyers. Many folks are choosing to stay put, so the few buyers that are out there have their choice of the best inventory available. Kitchens and bathrooms are two areas of the home that prospective buyers don’t want to have to renovate. When you update your kitchen cabinets by painting them, you’ll make your home much more attractive to prospective buyers. You’ll also enjoy a listing price that’s higher than you may have expected.

Selling a home often requires a lot of work and many unexpected expenses. By painting your cabinets rather than replacing them, you’re giving your kitchen the boost that it needs without adding a lot of additional expense and work to your plate. When it’s time to list your home, it’s a good idea to give your own home a walk-through. You’ll be able to notice the limitations and the areas that may give potential homebuyers pause. Take the time to notice what needs to be updated, and tackle your list efficiently. You’ll love how much of an impact your new cabinets make without them creating a lot more work and disruption to your life.

3. It’s Less of a Monetary Commitment

When you want to give your home a new look but also want to stick to a budget, your local cabinet painting service can help. They’ll be able to suggest a few color options that will elevate the entire look and feel of your kitchen at a much lower price point than a total replacement. New hardware is another way to complete the new look with a lower financial commitment. If you want to stay on budget but want your kitchen to look as good as possible, it’s time to call your local cabinet painting service.

A total kitchen upgrade is a serious investment that also takes a lot of time and commitment. If it’s only been five years or so since your kitchen upgrade, you’re likely to still be pleased with the results. However, as pleased as you are, you might be looking for a way to give your kitchen a little bit of a boost that’s not too much of a major undertaking. If that’s the case in your life, professional cabinet painting should be at the top of your upgrade list.

4. You’ll Experience Less Disruption

Another amazing benefit that comes when you opt for cabinet painting instead of a full replacement is that you and your family will experience a much lower level of disruption. This is especially true if you have custom cabinets. Replacing custom cabinets takes a lot of lead time and can render your kitchen unusable for weeks at a time. Fortunately, this isn’t the case when it comes to repainting your current cabinets.

In fact, you can do your kitchen in stages if you have a lot of cabinets. Clearing out just one section of cabinets and having them unusable for a week or so is a lot less disruptive than a full replacement. And when it comes to redoing your cabinets you can opt for a simple refacing rather than having the entire box painted. With this option, only the fronts of all of your cabinets will be painted. Of course, the sides of the end cabinets will also be treated, but there won’t be any need to fully remove your cabinets to complete the job. Your cabinet painting service will be able to review the available options with you so that you can determine which is the right one for your current schedule and family lifestyle.

5. There’s a Wider Range of Color Options Now Available

Back in the day, painting cabinets was often looked at as a last-ditch resort for folks on a budget. This is no longer the case. And, with the importance of sustainability in home improvement, re-purposing current cabinets is even more popular. This popularity has spurred paint manufacturers to take notice. The paints available for cabinet refinishing are well-suited for the job. In addition to the increased quality of these paints, more colors have been made that are perfect for the task.

In addition to white and brown, there’s now a whole host of colors available to update your cabinets. When these color options are paired with modern hardware, it’s easier than ever to create the look that you want your kitchen to have. Now’s an ideal time to review the paint options that you have to choose from. You might be pleasantly surprised the more you learn about cabinet painting. There’s no reason to hesitate to choose this option to update your kitchen in style. Find out more today by meeting with your preferred local cabinet painting service. You’re sure to find the color option that creates the look you’ve been dreaming of for your kitchen.

As the preferred local cabinet painting service, we’re here to help you transform your current kitchen cabinets. If you’ve decided that this is the year that you upgrade your kitchen, let us help. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and get an estimate for your project. We’ll help you transform your kitchen without the hassle and disruption that comes with replacing your cabinet. Schedule your appointment today. We look forward to working with you!