8 Trendy Colors to Consider for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a necessary part of any modern kitchen. According to Mordor Intelligence, the market for kitchen cabinets will reach $160 billion in 2025. They can do a lot more for your kitchen than just hold things like glasses, plates, and other things, too. Kitchen cabinets can help evoke a style. Some colors can make you think of a country home, while others are sleek and modern, just like city life.

Whatever the case, you want to have ones that will stand out. That means more than just design, though. Colors play a big part in getting people’s attention, too. Which color would work best for you? Which ones will catch the eye of your guests?

How do you decide which color or colors you like for your cabinets? There are several ways that you could do this. You might have memories of particular cabinets that you saw while growing up. Perhaps you saw a color in someone else’s home recently, and it just stuck in your mind. You might have had an interior decorator make a suggestion about the color of the cabinets. Whatever the case, you can also do your own research, get color swatches, or reach out to a local cabinet painter to see what they recommend. We’ve come to help you, too – here are eight colors to consider for your kitchen cabinets.

1. White

There’s just something about white that will never go out of fashion. That’s because it’s something that will lend a modern look to your kitchen. It’s extremely adaptable and will work with many other different decorative styles. People like it due to the fact that it’s a neutral palette and you can even combine it with other colors in the kitchen. It’s a versatile color and you can’t go wrong picking white. The only drawback is that you’ll have to keep an eye out for dirt and do regular cleaning since it shows very clearly. Just spend an extra few minutes wiping it down and you’ll have a spotless kitchen again.

2. Gray

Just like white, gray is still a trendy color for kitchen cabinets. People like it due to it being neutral and having a relaxed design that will allow other elements to really shine. If you want something that will give your kitchen a really cozy vibe, then this is the one for you. Gray also does a great job of reflecting light, which will then make your kitchen look a lot brighter. There’s no chance that this color will go out of style, so your cabinets will always be marketable.

3. Brown

While white and gray kitchen cabinets lend a more modern feel, brown kitchen cabinets are something that can make you feel like you’ve gone back in time. It’s a color that will give your kitchen a cozy, traditional aesthetic. You can change the kitchen hardware if you want to add a bit of modern zest, or you can have modern lighting in the kitchen. You could even have things like a white countertop. That way, you can combine the worlds of modern and traditional styles.

4. Green

When you’re picking shades of green, you should probably stay on the lighter side. That will give more of a nature aesthetic. If you go darker, then that’s going to cast a shadow on the food and make your space feel moodier. Some experts even suggest staying away from green altogether in the kitchen, but lighter shades have become very popular. Light green can even make it feel like you have trees or shrubs around you. That’s a great feeling if you’re a nature lover. While the experts have their own opinions, you can take them like you would a movie critic’s – as long as it pleases you and your family, that’s all that really matters.

5. Peppercorn

Here’s another dark color that can make your kitchen look trendy. Peppercorn can give it a luxurious look that invites guests to stay in the room and relax. It also perfectly balances both warm and cool, giving it an intimate vibe. Being a darker gray, it toes the line of being too dark for a space. Pair peppercorn paint with white countertops to even out the darkness, and add splashes of color, such as red or teal, to really make your kitchen shine.

6. Blue

When you’re thinking of trendy colors, blue is often not on that list. That’s because it always lends a timeless feel to the kitchen. It can also add some character to the room. You’ll never go wrong by picking blue, because it’s a color that’s never going to go out of style. A lot of people like to have blue in their kitchen, as it lends an aquatic or nautical aesthetic to the area. It’s all about working with your personality, too. You’ll have a lot of shades to pick from, and your cabinet painters can also help you decide.

7. Tamarind

Do you want a kitchen that stands out but also has just a hint of warmth? Tamarind is an excellent choice, and it’s a color that has risen in popularity. It’s a lighter brown and you can’t go wrong picking it. Pair this with darker countertops or wood accents for a cozy, neutral space that you and your guests will love spending time in. Since tamarind also toes the line with grey, you can bring that out with white and dark countertops and walls. If you go that route, the brown side of tamarind will add a subtle touch to your kitchen.

8. Gold

Do you want to brighten up your kitchen? Painting your kitchen cabinets gold can do the trick. It’s bright enough to lift your spirits when you enter the room, but not so glaring as other shades of yellow or similar. Gold can also make your kitchen look warm and inviting to guests. It’ll also add a certain elegance to the room. Who doesn’t like gold, anyway? This is one of those timeless colors, along with silver. It can even make the cabinets look like works of art. The cabinet painters will have fun with this one. Also, you can easily change the color if it turns out that it’s not trendy anymore or you’re just tired of it.

When you’re ready to update your cabinets, hiring cabinet painters is the best way to go. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that they know how to do the job and ensure that the cabinets are properly refinished. Experienced ones can talk to you about various color schemes and how the cabinets will look when everything is finished. They may even make some suggestions on colors based on the ones that you are talking about. Take advantage of their expertise so that you wind up with the best-looking kitchen cabinets in your neighborhood.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, it’s all about your personal preference. You’re the one that’s going to be going into the kitchen all the time and looking at the cabinets. Are you going to be pleased with it or are you going to get bored really fast?

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