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About Our Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Company

Your cabinets are typically the first elements of your kitchen guests see when they enter your home. As a result, when you hire a company to refinish your cabinets, you want to feel confident in its ability to produce a clean, high-end job.

At Artistic Cabinet Finishes, we strive to deliver the best cabinet painting and refinishing services in the industry. Our extensive industry experience, high-end materials, and commitment to quality enable us to impress our customers with new-looking cabinets at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Cabinet Painting and Refinishing
Kitchen Cabinet Design with wooden floor - Artistic Cabinet Finishes

Our Experience

Our team knows cabinet refinishing like the back of our hands. We have spent decades learning the best techniques in the industry and perfecting our cabinet painting and refinishing processes. In addition, cabinet painting & refinishing is our only service, allowing us to focus our efforts on improving our methods and delivering the best results to our customers.

All of our technicians have also received special training and certification in cabinet refinishing, giving us the expertise necessary to produce a stunning finish for your cabinets.

Our Services

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on new cabinets. Instead, you can achieve the same pristine, high-quality appearance by repainting or refinishing your existing cabinets.

At Artistic Cabinet Finishes, we offer three primary cabinet services:

Color change

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen cabinets with a completely new color, we can apply a professional paint job as durable as a factory finish. We’ll use a paint sprayer and a top-quality self-sealing finish, ensuring a clean, tough, long-lasting paint job.


If you are happy with your cabinet color but simply want to refresh the existing stain, we can breathe new life into your old cabinets. During our refresh process, we’ll spray your cabinet doors and frames with commercial-grade polyurethane right in your kitchen.

Stain change

If you like the wood grain of your cabinets but want to alter the stain color, we can help. Our stain change process is the same as a color change. We’ll spray a high-quality polyurethane finish on your cabinets, allowing the wood grain to shine through in your preferred stain color.

White and Blue Cabinet Design - Artistic Cabinet Finishes

Our Materials

We strive to provide the highest-quality refinishing services possible for our customers. One way we ensure a factory-level finish is by using premium stains, polyurethanes, and painting materials.

Our cabinet finish is just as durable as a factory finish and has received Greenguard Certification for low emissions. This self-sealing finish also meets all Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association standards for quality and durability.

Our Commitment

At Artistic Cabinet Finishes, we’re committed to delivering professional, exceptional, and quality service for every customer. We always go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, treating their custom cabinets like we would our own.

Our cabinet refinishing process begins with a consultation. If you’re interested in transforming your cabinets, contact our Artistic Cabinet Finishes team today at 570-445-5652 to schedule your consultation.

White Cabinet Design with wooden floor kitchen - Artistic Cabinet Finishes