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Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Scranton, PA

Are you looking for a Scranton painter that can refinish and restore your cabinets’ color and stain? Artistic Cabinet Finishes, the go-to for kitchen cabinet painting in Scranton, PA, provides quality cabinet refinishing services that will make your home look brand new again.

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Scranton PA
Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Scranton, PA

Refresh and Renew

Do you remember when you first bought your home? You were picking out paint samples and eagerly saving pictures of model showrooms.

When your kitchen was finally complete, you were head over heels in love with all the details. Your unique sense of style was evident from the gleam of the hardware to the color of your kitchen cabinets.

However, over time your kitchen cabinets have taken a beating. Food residue, grease, heat, and water spillage can degrade your paint color, even after you take a sponge to remove the worse of the debris.

If this less-than-ideal scenario sounds like the situation with your kitchen cabinets, never fear! You can make your cabinets look new again by hiring a Scranton painter from Artistic Cabinet Finishes. Our painters specialize in cabinet refinishing and provide speedy service.

Your process from consultation to the finished product could take no more than a week!

The Cabinet Refinishing Process

On the first two days of the refinishing process, your Scranton painter will focus on:

Kitchen Cabinet Design with wooden floor - Artistic Cabinet Finishes
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We will complete the refinishing work in our ACF workshop on the third day. In the workshop, our team:

Your professional painter will return to your home on the fourth day to reinstall your cabinets. Your painter will also:

Cabinet Design with wooden floor - Artistic Cabinet Finishes

The Go-to for Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Scranton, PA

Your home is where you spend most of your time, and it deserves to look as polished and pristine as the first time you painted it.

At Artistic Cabinet Finishes, we focus solely on elevating the craft of the cabinet refinishing industry. Our highly specialized and uniquely knowledgeable painting contractors bring decades of expertise to your kitchen cabinets.

Make your home an inviting place to be again with refinished cabinets by an experienced Scranton painter.

That way, when you want to escape the cold Scranton winters, you can retire home to your happy place. At home, you can open up one of your beautiful kitchen cabinets, retrieve a mug, and pour yourself a relaxing cup of coffee.

If you are interested in our high-quality painting services for your kitchen cabinets, call Artistic Cabinet Finishes, the go-to for kitchen cabinet painting in Scranton, PA, at (570) 445-5652 today.

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Artistic Cabinet Finishes painted my cabinets. They transformed my kitchen in just 3 days! Tom and his team were professional and knowledgeable. I am so pleased with the results.. I would definitely hire them again! Thank you!!
Donna B.
Tom and his team do beautiful work. They refinished my cabinets in just 2 days. Their work is beautiful and my kitchen is more beautiful than I could have dreamed. I saved so much money by refacing rather than replacing!!
Lori W.
Tom was professional and knowledgeable. I am happy that I found him. He made my cabinets beautiful again.. Don't replace them- have Tom paint them!!