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Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Shavertown, PA

If you’re a Shavertown, PA, homeowner, you probably take a lot of pride in your home. Refinishing your kitchen cabinets with new paint or stain is an easy way to help your kitchen reflect the joy you take in your rural Pennsylvania house.

At Artistic Cabinet Finishes, we are not simply cabinet painters. Instead, we utilize specialized, professional processes to restore Shavertown cabinets to the stunning, clean finishes they had when they first rolled out of the factory. 

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Shavertown PA
Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Shavertown, PA

Cabinet Painting vs. Refinishing — What’s the Difference?

Some Shavertown painter companies offer cabinet painting services in which they lay a new coat of paint over your existing stain or finish. While these fast cabinet painting services can create a new, fresh appearance in your kitchen, the paint often does not last long, requiring you to repaint your cabinets in a few years.

At Artistic Cabinet Finishes, we go above and beyond a simple paint job. When you hire our team, we will thoroughly sand your cabinet doors and frames, use a professional sprayer to apply a durable primer and base coat, and seal your cabinets with a strong polyurethane finish.

Refinishing your cabinets with our professional processes ensures that the new paint or stain lasts for many years, effectively breathing new life into your kitchen. Additionally, our specialized techniques create a natural, professional appearance, making your cabinets look like they have always been that color.

Our Cabinet Refinishing Services

Whether you’re looking to paint your cabinets a new color, change the wood stain, or simply refresh an existing stain, we have the tools and expertise to provide a top-quality refinishing job. Here’s some more information about our three cabinet refinishing services:


If you want to maintain the existing color of your cabinets, you can take advantage of our cabinet refresh services. We’ll refinish your cabinets in the same stain, making the wood grain and polish look new again.

Stain change

Many Shavertown homeowners like the wood grain appearance of their old wood cabinets. If you want to maintain the wood grain in your cabinets, we can sand off the existing stain and apply a new stain in a different color to produce an updated look.

Paint change

If you’re looking to transform your cabinets to an entirely new color, we’ll use professional paint sprayers and a high-quality finish to give your cabinets a brand-new appearance.


Artistic Cabinet Finishes painted my cabinets. They transformed my kitchen in just 3 days! Tom and his team were professional and knowledgeable. I am so pleased with the results.. I would definitely hire them again! Thank you!!
Donna B.
Tom and his team do beautiful work. They refinished my cabinets in just 2 days. Their work is beautiful and my kitchen is more beautiful than I could have dreamed. I saved so much money by refacing rather than replacing!!
Lori W.
Tom was professional and knowledgeable. I am happy that I found him. He made my cabinets beautiful again.. Don't replace them- have Tom paint them!!

The Go-to for Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Shavertown, PA

At Artistic Cabinet Finishes, we’re committed to pouring our artistry, craftsmanship, and skills into every cabinet refinishing job we take on. When you hire our team, you can feel confident that our decades of experience and professional processes will create a stunning cabinet finish.

We always work diligently and carefully to leave your kitchen as clean and dust-free as we find it. Additionally, we strive to make your cabinet refinishing process as stress-free as possible, allowing you to get back to your kitchen within just a few days.

Contact Artistic Cabinet Finishes, the go-to for kitchen cabinet painting in Shavertown, PA, at 570-445-5652 to learn more about our cabinet refinishing services.

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