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Do your kitchen cabinets look a little worse for wear? Would you be embarrassed having company come over and see the chipping paint? If so, contact Artistic Cabinet Finishes, a commercial painting company servicing Dallas, PA.

When you contact Artistic Cabinet Finishes, you are on the fast track to entertaining your guests with charcuterie boards in a stylish kitchen once again.

A Dallas painter from Artistic Cabinet Finishes can refinish your cabinets and increase the value of your home. Connect with Artistic Cabinet Finishes to improve your kitchen cabinets with a paint job today!

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New Cabinetry vs. Cabinet Refinishing

You might be wondering if you should purchase brand new cabinetry or opt for cabinet refinishing. Which option would take less time and cost less money?

After all, both cabinet refinishing and new cabinet installations can require painting contractors in your home and temporarily affect your daily routine.

While both options require a bit of construction and patience, cabinet refinishing is ultimately the cheaper choice. You already have the cabinet framework, so you save money by only paying for the new paint and labor.

You can choose the detailing, hardware, and exact color match for your cabinets with Artistic Cabinet Finishes.

Cabinet refinishing also takes less time than waiting for new cabinetry to ship, especially with the recent years’ slew of back orders and late deliveries. When you work with a Dallas painter from Artistic Cabinet Finishes, we can get your project done in under five days!

Why You Should Choose Artistic Cabinet Finishes

Artistic Cabinet Finishes offers cabinet color changes, cabinet refinishing, and wood grain staining services in Dallas, PA, at affordable prices. When working with Artistic Cabinet Finishes, you can rest assured that your Dallas painter will:

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Dallas, PA, Cabinet Refinishing

Here in Dallas, PA, we understand that you want to invest in high-quality cabinet refinishing that is worth its price.

At Artistic Cabinet Finishes, we like to think of ourselves as one of the most highly specialized cabinet refinishing companies in the industry. After all, our painting services do not extend to exteriors or walls.

On the contrary, our entire emphasis is on refinishing kitchen cabinetry, and our industry-leading equipment and methodology showcase our dedication.

When you entrust your hardwood cabinets to a Dallas painter from Artistic Cabinet Finishes, you are handing them off to an expert who takes great pride in their craftsmanship.

You can discuss the scope of your project and your budget with our commercial painters during a free consultation today.

You can also check out our clients’ rave reviews to see if Artistic Cabinet Finishes is the right fit for your project needs. Call Artistic Cabinet Finishes at (570) 445-5652 to upgrade your cabinetry today.

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