Reasons to Look for Cabinet Refinishers

Want to give your kitchen a fresh appearance and updated look? You may be thinking of painting your cabinets. While that is definitely one option, you may want to consider refinishing them instead. The refinishing process involves stripping your cabinets, sanding and priming them, and then painting and top-coating. According to IBIS, there are more than 525,000 remodeling companies in the U.S., but only a few of them have the skills and experience needed to refinish cabinets. While both painting and refinishing can give your cabinets a new appearance, there are some key differences between the two, and refinishing your cabinets may be the better choice for you as a homeowner. Here are a few reasons why refinishing your cabinets may be a better choice.

Refinishing Preserves the Original Wood

Refinishing your cabinets involves stripping the existing finish and then staining or re-lacquering the wood. By doing this, you’re preserving the original wood grain, which gives your cabinets a more natural and authentic look. On the other hand, painting your cabinets would involve covering the wood grain with paint, which can make your cabinets look artificial and less natural. Even if your home is modern, preserving the natural wood will give your kitchen a much better feel.

Refinishing is More Durable

Your cabinet refinishers won’t just apply a new coat of paint or finish, they’ll also strengthen the wood. This is because refinishing involves sanding the wood to remove the old finish, which can make the wood stronger and more resilient. Additionally, by re-lacquering or staining the wood, you’re providing a protective layer that will help to prevent moisture damage, warping, and other issues that can occur with wood cabinetry. In high-traffic areas, durability is important.

Refinishing is More Cost-Effective in the Long Run

At first glance, painting your cabinets might seem like the more budget-friendly option. After all, it only requires paint and supplies. However, over time, refinishing your cabinets is usually more cost-effective. Paint can begin to chip, peel, or discolor, which will require you to paint them again in the future. Additionally, painted cabinets may not have the same durability as refinished cabinets, which will require repainting or replacement sooner. Cabinet refinishers improve the durability and long-term appearance of the wood, which will likely last much longer than a fresh coat of paint.

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