How Your Cabinet Color Affects the Mood of Your Kitchen

You may have heard your friends talking about hiring a cabinet painting service but never been sure whether you need this upgrade for your own home. However, it’s important to be aware that the way your kitchen cabinets are painted can greatly affect your mood in several ways. In fact, according to Colorlib, 62 to 90% of all first impressions are based on color, and this applies to your kitchen as well. Let’s take a closer look at how the color of your kitchen cabinets can impact your mood.

Different Colors Establish Different Moods

Colors can not only dictate our overall moods but also affect how we feel about a variety of different things. Our minds are sensitive to these kinds of environmental changes and will react differently to various colors. For example, black is often considered a mournful or sinister color in many cultures, though not in all. That’s one reason why you so rarely see it used in many homes, though you may be able to make it work with expert design techniques.

Typically, lighter colors with more neutral tones are suitable for most homes because they’re comfortable and easy on the eyes. However, it’s also important to keep your own personal tastes in mind. It’s critical to carefully choose the colors in your home, not just for your kitchen walls but also for your cabinets. Matching these hues to your mood and your family’s personality is essential if you want to make a comfortable and happy home for everyone in the household.

Thankfully, there are many types of cabinet paints, finishes, and stains that can make your cabinets more attractive. By carefully adjusting the look of your cabinets in this way, you can create a pleasant space and improve your family’s mood. Below, we’ll highlight the vital importance of choosing the right kitchen cabinet color and the different ways that you can produce excellent results by choosing specific colors and textures for your cabinets.

The Importance of Choosing Great Colors

As you might imagine, it’s incredibly important to choose high-quality colors that fit well into your overall design scheme. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can improve your chances of finding a great color and ensuring success. First, it’s important to ask yourself what mood you want to set in your kitchen. Do you want a kitchen that feels welcoming to guests and open to family members or one that feels more intimate and close-knit in unique ways?

Talk with your family about this process and see what they have to say about which colors meet your home’s needs the best. Typically, they have insight into the rooms that they spend time in, as well as details about hues that might feel more comfortable to them. By working with your family in this way, you can ensure that they give you good insight and feel more connected to this process. Often, they may have ideas that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise!

Next, it’s important to call in a cabinet painting service team that fully understands your needs and is willing to work with you on your cabinet upgrades. We understand why it’s tempting to simply try to handle this process yourself, but we simply cannot recommend it for a number of reasons. It’s all too easy to make mistakes when picking colors and potentially make your kitchen look unattractive. Even worse, you might apply the paint wrong and damage your kitchen’s design even further: just make the call and get help instead.


If you’re interested in upgrading your kitchen cabinets with brand-new colors, there are many options you can consider when working with a cabinet painting service. For example, bright and deep reds are stimulating colors that showcase courage, confidence, and excitement. Try to balance them with more neutral colors in other areas of your kitchen: red has a tendency to overstimulate if it’s used too much. Gray and white work well as a counter to red, as does yellow.

White and Gray

If you’re thinking that more neutral colors may work best for you, try white or gray. Yes, we know: they’ve been a little overdone at times by home-flipping shows and might feel a little passe. However, they’re usually the easiest colors to change and typically make your home worth more money if you want to sell it. They also blend well with most appliances you might install in your kitchen.


Now we’re going to pitch a complete opposite to white that might seem like a bit of a stretch: pink. We know that some people won’t be fond of this color, but it’s actually a great option for kitchen cabinets if you want to create a loving and tender feeling in your kitchen. Pink is a comforting color, one that makes a room feel more sympathetic and welcoming. Of course, you don’t have to make all your cabinets’ surfaces pink; you can vary it with other tones, like orange.

Orange and Yellow

If you want mellow colors that still feel warm and comforting, orange and yellow work well together. Yellow is a stimulating color, while orange inspires confidence, laughter, and youthful exuberance in a room. We strongly recommend blending these colors in lighter hues throughout your kitchen cabinets, trying to choose design styles that make sense for you. In this way, you can produce a kitchen that feels comfortable and welcoming.

Green and Brown

If you live in a rural area or simply want a woodsy feel for your home, you could also try brown and green shades to produce a comfortable and relaxing style. Greens and browns typically produce earthy and natural feelings, including thoughts of springtime, wealth, and fertility. Combining them on your kitchen cabinets can make your whole kitchen feel homey and improve your mood by making you feel more welcomed and comfortable in your own home.


Why not go all the way towards peace and tranquility by integrating various blue hues into your kitchen? Aqua is particularly relaxing and often creates a seaside feel in a home that can make it feel very welcoming. Light blue mixes well with white and creates a beautiful cloud texture on your cabinets that can make them look even more gorgeous. Try matching these colors with other calming textures in your kitchen to produce a more relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.


Lastly, consider rarely-used colors like lavender as a fun way of decorating your cabinets to make them colorful and engaging. While you might not think of this color right away, lavender (and variations on it, like deeper purple) produce comforting feelings that may make your kitchen feel a little more enjoyable to spend time in. Pairing these hues with neutral tones like white and gray can make them particularly powerful and a great way to improve your kitchen cabinets’ overall style.

If you’re interested in hiring a cabinet painting service to improve the mood of your kitchen, it’s important to work with a reliable team that you can trust. You can count on Artistic Cabinet Finishes to deliver the results you need, all while providing friendly and professional service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your kitchen. We look forward to working with you!